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Update: 10/03/2020

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François Soulignac

Digital creative, art director, graphic designer (Saigon, Vietnam)

Master's degree | Languages : French (native) | English (fluent)

Key Duties

French digital creative / art director based in Saigon (Vietnam), previously working in Paris (France) and Shanghai (China). 10 years of work experience in Digital marketing agencies, Broadcast services, Food & Beverage / Entertainment Industries and Consulting management. Dream job: contribute to the digital branding and innovation of NGO, cultural institutions or within an agency focused on Corporate Social Responsibility strategy (CSR).

SPECIALTIES: Prototyping (AI Avatars, Chatbots, VR, AR, Holograms), Content creation (Social, Micro-video / Stories, Brand content / Native ads, Campaigns concept, R&D), Management (International team management, Design processes implementation, Design quality control, Reduction of Dpt's operating costs). Presales (Brainstorming, Graphic / Creative benchmark, Sketches / Mock-up, Client presentation), Graphic design (Visual expression, Logotypes, Icons, Key visuals, Infographics, PowerPoint, Google Slides), UI Design (Desktop, Mobile devices, Connected TV, Intelligent street furniture, Digital in store), Casual games design (Game-play / Art direction, Sketches / Mock-up, Interface designing, Quality control / Adjustment), Consulting (Digital Uses & Practices EU/CN, Lean production for graphic unit, Photoshop introduction, WordPress introduction). More details about my skills & services.


TECHNICAL SKILLS - Hardware, Tools & Softwares: Expert on Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Hitfilm Express, Basecamp, Google Slides. Knowledge on AR Lens Studio by Snapchat. Good knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and ActionScript constraints. Good knowledge on Google Analytics, Google AdSense. Solid knowledge on CMS Wordpress. Knowledge on Unity 3D, Lightwave, Flash, Dreamweaver. Proficient in working with Apple, Microsoft and Linux systems.


KEY CLIENTS - EUROPEAN MARKET : L'Oréal Paris (Gemey Maybelline New York, Vivelle Dop), Fromageries BEL (The Laughing Cow, Apéricube, Kiri), Lindt & Sprüngli, Cdiscount, Danone (Danette, Badoit, Velouté, Volvic), ESSEC Business School, Colombbus.org, SBE Direct, Hôtel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Mc Donald's EU, Nissan EU, Bongrain Group, Canal+ Group, Weight Watchers, M6 Group, W9, Habbo, M6 Mobile, Musée national de l'histoire de l'immigration, Le Saint-Hubert, Training Meisner Paris™. See all projects achieved in France.

KEY CLIENTS - ASIAN MARKET : VOL Group China (Bar Rouge Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, The Cut Shanghai, From a Chinese Cookbook by Jereme Leung, Bund 5 Building), L'Oréal China (Garnier Ultra DOUX), Dorel Juvenile China (Maxi-Cosi), Audi China, Resorts World Genting Malaysia, Nestlé China (Hsu Fu Chi, ChengWeiKongJian), Twitter China, Kidsland China, General Electric Healthcare China, Shopify China, Peninsula Boutique China, Etro China, Logitech China, Accor Hotels China, Starbucks China. See all projects achieved in China.


“ Thinking outside the box, Accurate, Outgoing, Self-motivated, Adaptable, Team player ”
Benoit, Creative Director (Leo Burnett Assessment, 2012)

Work Experience

April 2017 - Present | Shanghai (China)

Digital Arts Manager

Madjor - a Labbrand company (Permanent job)

(Permanent Job) MADJOR's digital design expert towards existing and prospective clients. Internal thought leader regarding digital content, educating the team on the latest best practices (Digital Arts / UI Design). Working with UX designers, strategy consultants and content planners, developing innovative concepts for Ad campaigns and digital visual content across touch points (American and Chinese social platforms, websites, Apps) and formats (images, animation, video, 3D, VR, AR, MR).


January 2015 - February 2017 | Shanghai (China)

Head of Design - Art Director

Artbeat Studio - VOL Group China (Permanent job)

(Permanent Job) In charge of branding and visual communication (digital, video, photo, print) for all restaurants, night clubs and outlets founded by VOL Group China: Bar Rouge Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai (Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet), Ultra Violet by Paul Pairet, The Cut Shanghai, From a Chinese Cookbook by Jereme Leung, Bund 5 Building. Work summary (1st semester 2016)


- Management of 5 brands, 150 projects and 3000 designs a year (cross media)
- Department processes designing and implementation
- International Team Management (Chinese & Foreigners)
- Writing of all the Job Descriptions and Hiring processes follow up
- Quality control of the production in co-working with Purchase Dpt.
- Quality control production monitoring in co-working with Purchase Dpt.
- Work summary writing and presentation for CEOs and Group's Owners
- Improvement and effectiveness of the Design Department in co-working with Clients
- Reduction of the Department's operating costs (Streamline, Processes optimization)


September 2012 - December 2014 | Paris & Shanghai

Freelance Digital Art Director

Soulignac Studio (Independant)

Freelance services : Distance work, Work on the spot, Invoicing per day, Discount offer from 10 days. WeChat content : WeChat page / H5, Creative content, Visual for Wechat, Video for Wechat. Management & Process : International team management, Processes (Design & implementation), Quality control (Design production), Reduction of Dpt's operating costs. Consulting & Training : Uses & Best practices, Lean production for graphic unit, Photoshop introduction, WordPress introduction. Pre-sales : Brainstorming involvement, Graphic researches, Graphic/creative benchmarking, Client presentation. Brand identity : FMCG & Premium, Cultural events & Cultural products, Brand content & Native ads, Solutions for SMEs. Graphic design : Web sites, Mobile applications, Logotypes, Key visuals, Icons, Facebook picts, Powerpoint, Computer graphics, Itemizations. User Interface designing : Web, Mobile devices & Tablets, Connected TV, Intelligent street furniture, Digital in store. Free-to-play games : Gameplay concept, Sketchs researches, Interface designing, Quality control/Adjustment. Web design : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Responsive interfaces (RWD), WordPress CMS setup, CSS3 & HTML5 customization. Video editing : Corporate / Creative video, Musical short video, Video for social media, Viral video. Creative content : Corporate / Creative content, Content digital-oriented, Photo / Video backstage & Making of, Research & Development. More information: Skills & Services.


September 2012 - June 2014 | Paris, France

Associate art director - Digital strategy

Le Saint-Hubert | French Restaurant (Partner)

Results of sale revenues in 2013 (+5%). Results of online booking in 2013 (+7,6%). Global digital solutions & E-reputation crisis management for the SME founded by my parents : Press release writing. SEO reinforcement. Showcase reworking (web & mobile devices). New on-line tools designing (recruitment, booking, survey). Brand contents designing (blog & thematic pages). Brand integration on social networks (Community Management). Content monetization via Google AdSense. Performance monitoring via Google Analytics. See the case study.


December 2008 - August 2012 | Saint-Denis, France

Web art director

Mediagong - Leo Burnett Paris | Publicis Group (Permanent Job)

Call for tender proposals, graphic standards designing, free-to-play game design. Several websites, apps and advergames designed for Gemey-Maybelline, CDiscount, Apéricube, La vache qui rit, Kiri, Lindt, Badoit, Accor Hotels, Velouté, Taillefine, Volvic, Danette, Vivelle Dop, ESSEC.


May - August 2008 | Paris, France

Web graphic designer

Saatchi & Saatchi Duke | Publicis Group (Additional Internship)

Websites itemisation, Flash animations designing, Online ads campaigns declination, Event pages updating for Mc Donald's Europe, Nissan Europe, Levi's Europe. Co-working with the Mac Donald's Concept Manager, Project Managers, Copyrighters & Senior Art Directors.


January - April 2008 | Paris, France

Project manager

Saatchi & Saatchi Duke | Publicis Group (Additional Internship)

Project management, Functional specifications designing for Canal+, Bongrain, Weight Watchers. Co-working with the Senior Art Director & Associate director in charge of the Canal+ account, Senior Project Manager unit, Sound Design unit & Graphic Design department.


Septembre - Decembre 2007 | Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Junior web art director

M6 Web | M6 Group (Internship & Engineering MMI Report)

Websites and online ads campaigns designing for all the M6 Group's brands (M6, W9, Habbo, M6 Mobile). Co-working with the Digital Art Direction unit, Sales department, Project Management unit, Flash developer & Video Broadcast department. Extract of the Internship Report.


January - June 2007 | Paris, France

Junior web art director

Musée de l'Histoire de l'Immigration | Museum (MMI Final Projet Assignment)

"Histoires Singulières" website desiging, "Cité Blog" & Exhibition Interactive Terminals. Co-working with the unit in charge of the digital communication for the museum. Team-working on the MMI micro-agency "Multimedia Sorbonne" with a group of students in self-management, including one Project manager, one Flash Developer, one Front-end web developer & one Copyrighter. Extract of the Final Projet Assignment.


2007 | Paris, France

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Design, Media, Technology (Upper second class Honours)

Professional Specialty : Interactive Multimedia (MMI). Director of Final Projet Assignement : Guy Meyer. Modules include : Project management, Creative management, Art direction process, Architecture information, Interactive storytelling, Law (intellectual property rights), HTML, CSS, Action Script, PHP.
Sorbonne University Paris 1


2005 | Paris, France

Master 1 (four-years degree)

Contemporary Art & New Media (First class Honours)

Partnership with l'Atelier de Recherches Interactives (ARI - FdM EnsadLab). Modules include : Theoretical & Practical class related to New Media art (video art, interactive art, video game art). Dissertation Director : Jean-Louis Boissier.
University Paris 8 | ENSAD


2003 | Paris, France

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Fine Arts (Merit Scholarship)

Aesthetics of Interactivity - EdNM/Ciren Program. Modules include : Theoretical & Practical class related to Fine arts (painting, drawing), Modern art & Contempory Art (Post-modern, In-situ, Interactivity).

University Paris 8


2000 | Paris, France

French equivalent to the higher leaving certificate

Graphic Design & Visual Communication

Apprenticeship Specialty : Craft and Art business. Modules include : Visual communication, Graphic design, Print production rules, Typography history, Practice of drawing, Advertising history, 20th-century art history.
Campus de la Fonderie de l'Image

Workshop & Training

2014-2015 | Shanghai, China

International Students Program

Chinese Language Oriented (Mandarin)

Modules included : intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, speaking and writing, pronunciation, Shanghai dialect, Chinese movie, Chinese sayings and proverbs, special character writing.
Fudan University, Shanghai


2013 | Paris, France

Game Design

Theoretical & Practice Workshop

Game Design Workshop : how create game's rules, from design to tests and adjustments. Game type, audience and platform target. Designing methods. Rules and gameplay designing methodology. Context definition, challenges and 3C rules. Presentation and framework paper.
Centre Pompidou | Isart Digital

How create a videogame Workshop : videogame profession and processes production presentation. Brainstorm, Design, Fake Game Footage (FGF), Pre-production, First Playable Prototype (FPP), Vertical Slice (VS), Gold master, Production, Tests and adjustments (alpha, beta, debug & polish).
Centre Pompidou | Ubisoft


2012 - 2013 | Paris, France

Intensive English Program

English courses management-oriented (370 hours of courses)

Broadening of grammar, structure and vocabulary of the professional language management-oriented. Intensive training in oral and written expression; Study of anglo-saxon culture. Modules include : Management, Human Resources, Facts & figures, Negotiation & presentations, Sales & purchases. (TOEIC : 765/990)
Faculté des Métiers


2011 | Paris, France

Gaming can make a better world

Conference - Jane McGonigal

Conference by Jane McGonigal. "Gamification" is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Gamification has been studied and applied in several domains, such as to improve user engagement, physical exercise, return on investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning. More on TED.com.
Microsoft Campus Paris


2007 | Paris, France

Gameplay, Transmedia & Interactive Fiction

Colloque - Eric Viennot

Professional exchange with the French game designer Eric Viennot. Definition & uses of Gameplay in videogames. Definition of Transmedia & Interactive/Total Fiction. More information (in French).
MMI | Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne


Video : Mobile Phone Videos, Video Party Tapes, Video Mixtapes, Archives
Music : Mixtapes, Remix, Guitar (Jazz, Bossa nova), Piano, 12 years of violin.
Video games : Virtual Tourism, Essays about video games (in French).
Illustration : Gerhard Richter Tribute, Sketchbook, Ten Characters, Bestiaire.
Photography : Massachusetts, London, New York, Paris, Barcelona.
Sport : Kayak, Swimming, Boxing


Travel : China (Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo, Moganshan, Suzhou), Indonesia (Bali), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Philippines (Puerto Galera), France (Paris), UK (Londres), USA (Cambridge, Boston, New York, Salem, Somerville, Denver, Los Angeles), Canada (Québec, Montréal), Ireland (Westport - Connemara), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanque, Zamora), Corsica (Porto Vecchio, Porto), Switzerland (Genève), Norway (Oslo, Bergen), Sardinia (La Maddalena), Sicily (Palermo, Santa Marina Salina, Lipari, Panarea), Romania (Bucharest, Bran), Vietnam (Hà Noi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City), Greece (Athens, Porto Heli), Brazil (Itaparica, Salvador de Bahia), The Seychelles (Victoria), Mauritius (Grand Bay).
Comics : Moebius, Hergé, Goscinny, Frank Margerin, Franquin, Edika, Lelong, Walt Disney. Directors : Jonathan Glazer, James Gray, Paul Thomas Anderson, Godfrey Reggio, Spike Jones, Stanley Kubrick, Stephen Chow, Shankar, Ang Lee, Paul Verhoeven, Miloš Forman, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Robert Rodriguez, Luc Besson, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, Ben Stiller. Artists : Virgil Widrich, David Weiss et Peter Fischli, Jonas Åkerlund, Michel Gondry, Ori Gersht, Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, Chris Marker, Arnold Böcklin. Musicians : Sergueï Rachmaninov, Serge Gainsbourg, Django Reinhardt, Roland Dyens, João Gilberto, Oscar Peterson, Rover, Cee-Lo Green, Fashawn, Gotye, Notorious B.I.G, Los Hermanos Latinos, The Chemical Brothers, James Blake. Video games : Fallout 3, Just Cause 2, Skyrim, Journey, Red Dead Redemption, From Dust, GTA 5.
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