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François Soulignac, Digital Creative, Art Director (Photo location: MIT Cambridge - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Stata Center Hall - Anish Kapoor Sculpture
Hello, my name is François Soulignac, I’m a French digital creative / art director based in Saigon (Vietnam), previously working in Paris (France) and Shanghai (China). Metaverse enthusiast, I’m prototyping videos, casual games, AI Avatars, Chatbots, Holograms, 3D, VR, AR, and MR experiences. I also contribute to the radiance of nightlife in Asia on social media.


I have been studying Graphic Design & Visual Communication at Campus de la Fonderie de l’Image (Paris), Fine Arts & New Media at Paris 8/ENSAD and Information & Communications Technology (ICT/NTIC) at Sorbonne University Paris 1. I stay up-to-date with regular workshops, training and evening classes. I am living in Asia since 2014, I learned some basic rules of Chinese language (Mandarin) at Fudan University (Shanghai, China), and I am now based in Saigon (Vietnam) for new challenges.

Commercial works

I like to take on challenges of digital innovation for mass market brands, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG/PGC); premium brands, high-end and luxury brands; cultural institutions and small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). My work experiences include working with digital marketing and social advertising agencies, French broadcasting services, French museum, Luxury Food & Beverage / Entertainment Industries and Consulting Management. More details about my commercial works on my portfolio.

Key clients

European market

L’Oréal : Maybelline New York, Vivelle Dop. Fromageries BEL (French cheeses group) : The Laughing Cow, Apéricube, Kiri. Danone : Danette, Badoit, Volvic. Lindt & Sprüngli, Cdiscount, Decathlon, Weight Watchers, Habbo Hotel, M6 Mobile, SBE Direct, Hôtel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Palais de la Porte Dorée (French museum), Le Saint-Hubert (French restaurant), ESSEC Business School, Colombbus.org (French association), Candice Dal Maso (Lawyer at “Barreau de Paris”), Accor Hotels, Schneider Electric; Canal+, M6, W9 (French private broadcast services), Training Meisner Paris (American acting courses), Nissan Europe, Bongrain (French cheeses Group), Mcdonald’s Europe. See all projects achieved in France.

Asian market

VOL Group China (Bar Rouge Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, The Cut Shanghai, From a Chinese Cookbook by Jereme Leung, Bund 5 Building), L’Oréal China (Garnier 淳萃 Ultra DOUX), Dorel Juvenile China (Maxi-Cosi), Audi China, Resorts World Genting Malaysia, Nestlé China (徐福记 Hsu Fu Chi, 呈味空间 ChengWeiKongJian), Twitter China, Kidsland China, General Electric Healthcare China, Shopify China, Peninsula Boutique China, Etro China, Logitech China, Accor Hotels China, Starbucks China. See all projects achieved in China.


Prototyping (AI Avatars, Chatbots, VR, AR, Holograms), Content creation (Social, Micro-video / Stories, Brand content / Native ads, Campaigns concept, R&D), Management (International team management, Design processes implementation, Design quality control, Reduction of Dpt’s operating costs). Presales (Brainstorming, Graphic / Creative benchmark, Sketches / Mock-up, Client presentation), Graphic design (Visual expression, Logotypes, Icons, Key visuals, Infographics, PowerPoint, Google Slides), UI Design (Desktop, Mobile devices, Connected TV, Intelligent street furniture, Digital in store), Casual games design (Game-play / Art direction, Sketches / Mock-up, Interface designing, Quality control / Adjustment), Consulting (Digital Uses & Practices EU/CN, Lean production for graphic unit, Photoshop introduction, WordPress introduction). More details about my skills & services.

Personal works

Independent Activities Periods

I like producing short music videos with my mobile phone, taking in-game photographs and producing music for my videos or my DJ Sets. Through these hobbies, I try to produce original formats and develop coherent communication tools. See all my personal works.

Recent personal works

Other personal works

“Location Scouting”
 is a series of photographs inspired by the aesthetic of photo journalism. My willingness is to catch objectively shapes and atmospheres of locations. All photographs are without watermark on purpose, to be useful for modelers and designer communities. About Location Scouting.

“Virtual Tourism”
 is a photographic project inspired by my way of gaming. Like a tourist, I take photographs in open-world games. A kind of virtual extension of my real photographic habits. To expand the concept “in real life”, I propose now to design postcards with custom messages. This project grows perpetually. About Virtual Tourism.

“Videogames Digressions” are extracts from essays written during my academic work. It talks about gameplay, game design and art critics. It presents among an unexpected encounter between Denis Diderot’s art critics and video games. Read the essays (in French).

Soic Miterne Memories | Home Page
Soic Miterne Memories” is a cloud dedicated to my personal music video archives, chronicling the daily life of my friends and family in Paris, Shanghai, Romainville, Les Lilas and Chelles since early the 2000’s. This process of backup became necessary when my first CD-ROMs started to become unreadable. You will know much more about my oldies, music productions, collective exhibitions, background and psychology. Visit Soic Miterne Memories.

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