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Francois Soulignac - Digital Strategy for restaurant - Social Content Creation
An efficient strategy of social content creation for restaurant is an opportunity to keep in touch with local communities, support the SEO, reach new audiences and recruit new talents. Regularly updated, posts could also develop the corporate brand image.

Description & Positioning

The Facebook & Twitter pages dedicated to the restaurant Le Saint-Hubert is launched in 2013. The goal was to keep in touch with clients, support the organic SEO, reach new audiences and recruit new talents. The Pinterest page, launched in 2014, is related to food photography. Targets : local communities (in town and on the region), former clients, foodistas and all people interested by catering & tourism industry.

Facebook & Twitter : News, Brand content & Job offers

All posts are focused on company activities (catering & tourism industry) or related to positive news : local and regional news, town’s history, french gastronomy (featuring some homemade recipes by the Chef), innovations in the restaurant, job offers, dishes of the day. To catch new audiences and to be relevant with the uses of social media, some news are funny (e.g : “lol cat pict” featuring mascots of the company), unusual (“get a plane and join us“), or related to relevant topic (the new homemade label).

Pinterest : Food photography

The Pinterest page is dedicated to food pictures. The core goal of this new brand content is to reach new audiences (food pictures lovers, Foodistas) and to increase the web traffic on the showcase. A selection of pictures is relayed on the showcase (Food photography). This new brand content design – fully relevant with the company activity – is a great opportunity to extend the brand identity through a new universe of graphic design.

> See the food pictures report.

Regional advertising for free

The regional newspaper named “La République du Centre” (circulation in 2012 : 11,720,337) retweeted a Brand content from Le Saint-Hubert. A great signal from a traditional media, a great achievement and a quality evidence of the brand content.

My intervention | Skills developed

Digital Strategy : Brand integration on social platforms. Copyrighting & Community Management : All posts on social networks (permanently updated). HR Com : Job offers on Facebook. Art direction, Graphic design & Food Photography : All posts & pictures dedicated to social platforms.

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© François Soulignac / Le Saint-Hubert – Social Content Creation | Strategy, Copyrighting, Community Management, Graphic design & Food photography : François Soulignac, 2013-2014.

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