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After few years of work experience in Parisian digital marketing agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi Duke, Mediagong Leo Burnett), French tv channels (M6, Canal+), French museum (Palais de la Porte Dorée), local company, small & medium enterprises, I continue now my career in Shanghai (China) since 2015. I worked 2 years in-house for VOL Group China as Head of Design, Creative / Art Director. I am now the Digital Arts Manager of Madjor, a Labbrand company, the leading China-originated global brand consultancy based in Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Vancouver and Paris. A selection of my works are introduced in details on my portfolio. A short version of my résumé is available on the page “about me“. My references and full background are listed on my online résumé and PDF résumé.

Key clients | References

Freelance Design Services (Clients & Brands) - François Soulignac

L’Oréal Group : Maybelline New York, Vivelle Dop. Fromageries BEL : The Laughing Cow, Apéricube, Kiri. Danone Group : Danette, Badoit, Volvic. Lindt & Sprüngli, Cdiscount, Decathlon, Weight Watchers, M6 Group : M6, W9, Habbo Hotel, M6 Mobile. Computer Security : SBE Direct. Hôtel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Public Institution : Palais de la Porte Dorée. Family business : Restaurant Le Saint-Hubert. Higher Education Establishment : ESSEC Business School. Nonprofit Organization : Law Firm : Ms Dal Maso, Lawyer at Barreau de Paris. Accor Group : Accor Hotels. Engineering : Schneider Electric. Acting Workshop : Training Meisner Paris™. Renault–Nissan Alliance : Nissan Europe. Bongrain Group : Bongrain, Canal+ Group : Canal+. McDonald’s Group : McDonald’s Europe. VOL Group China : Bar Rouge Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai, Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Maxi-Cosi, Kidsland, Peninsula, Etro, Logitech, Twitter, Starbucks.


Freelance Design Services - Safe style -  © Francois Soulignac Freelance Design Services - graphic design - Hipster style - © Francois Soulignac Freelance web designer - graphic design - Foodista style - © Francois Soulignac Freelance Design Services - graphic design - Sexy style - © Francois Soulignac Freelance Design Services - graphic design - Organic style - © Francois Soulignac Freelance Design Services - graphic design - Luxury style - © Francois Soulignac Freelance Design Services - graphic design - Arty Arsty style - © Francois Soulignac
  • Eclectic creative culture

    Thanks to my background and work experience in various companies (marketing agencies, media, advertisers, small companies and big groups) and because my oversea life experience, I am able to work quickly, dealing with different marketing constraints, developing several graphic design styles and adapt my way of management according your staff members (International team management). Looking for an Art Director mainstream, artsy or able to handle an innovative brand ? My creative approach is outside the box and never blocked in one universe only. You don’t know exactly what you need ? Let’s define that together.

  • High standards | Original creative content

    In my deep feeling, a “little brand” doesn’t exist. Local business or international brand ? I provide the same level of services for all my clients, with the best quality standards. Ideas, visuals and graphics developed together will be exclusively dedicated to your brand. Possibility of white-label services.

  • Lean production | Cost killer

    To decrease our work time and reduce your costs, I train your staff to improve their work methods (tools box, best practices), optimizing the redundant requests: itemization, content update, banners, newsletters, images and videos for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Wechat, Miaopai, Weibo, Huaban, and all kind of American and Chinese social media.


  • Deal with your way of work

    Digital marketing agency, advertiser, public institution, SME, start-up or association ? I cope with your needs, your way of work, agenda and budget. For your larger or iterative projects, I stay on track with your workflow : I deal with your schedules of production, work pace of your staff and your methods of project management (from scratch or experimental, project-oriented, Agile development).

  • Cross-cultural team worker

    I worked closely with all kind of team members: CEO, Group’s owner, engineer, developer, account manager, creative director, art director, project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, 3D artist, motion designer, architect and more. I involve myself in kick-off, de-briefing and weekly meetings (by conference call or on the spot).


Wechat content

• Wechat page / H5
• Creative content
• Visual for Wechat
• Video for Wechat

Management & Process

• International team management
• Processes (Design & implementation)
• Quality control (Design production)
• Reduction of Dpt’s operating costs

Consulting & Training

• Uses & Best practices
• Lean production for graphic unit
• Photoshop introduction
• WordPress introduction


• Brainstorming involvement
• Graphic researches
• Graphic / Creative benchmark
• Client presentation

Brand identity

• FMCG, F&B and Entert. Indust.
• Cultural events & Cultural products
• Brand content & Native ads
• Solutions for SMEs

Graphic design

• Web sites, Mobile applications
• Logotypes, Key visuals, Icons
• Social Media picts, Powerpoint
• Computer graphics, Itemizations

User interface

• Web, Mobile devices & Tablets
• Connected TV
• Intelligent street furniture
• Digital in store

Free-to-play games

• Game-play concept
• Sketchs researches
• Interface designing
• Quality control/Adjustment

Web design

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Responsive interfaces (RWD)
• WordPress CMS setup
• CSS3 & HTML5 customization

Video editing

• Corporate / Creative video
• Musical short video
• Video for social media
• Viral video

Creative content

• Corporate / Creative content
• Content digital-oriented
• Photo / Video backstage
• Research & Development

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François SOULIGNAC (付穌)
French Digital Creative / Art Director
Location: Shanghai (China)

Wechat QR Code, Shanghai China
Wechat: francoissoic

Phone : (+86) 159 2180 4423
Skype : francois.soulignac
Snapchat : francoissoic
Miaopai : francoissoic

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François Soulignac, Digital Creative, Art Director, Shanghai