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M6 Web MMI Internship report

Company description

“M6 Web” is a business diversification, in charge of digital strategy of M6 Group with three major goals : extend the television experience on digital platforms, create new uses and increase the M6 Group position in digital markets. Expertise area : multimedia content production, marketing strategy, partnership development, web SEO, RichMedia technology development.


M6 Web activities are build around the hub m6.fr which relying all TV channel of M6 Group : m6.fr, parispremiere.fr, w9.fr, teva.fr, tf6.fr. It manages web community platforms, aggregator and free-to-play offers : habbo.fr, wideo.fr, yootribe.com, Genderz.fr. M6 Web manages also communication and content updating of mobile devices (M6 Mobile), women’s press (Femme-en-ville.com) and automotive industry news (Turbo.fr). In addition, the subsidiary manages new platforms dedicated to Video On Demand (VOD), Catch-up TV offers (M6 Replay) and Connected Television.

> M6.fr hub diagram (2007/12/31)

Training skills implemented

Design, Ergonomy, Information hierarchy, Interactive storyboarding, Web project management, Work schedules organization.

Professional achievements

Resulting to this internship, I increased my understanding of the mass-market communication strategy. How “communicate into the mainstream market” and cope with several technical challenges and marketing constraints. The wide scale of M6 group was a great opportunity to collaborate with lot of different job positions : I improved my ability to be adaptable and reactive with all of them.

Art Direction / Webdesign

I achieved five websites and seven ads campaigns. In addition, I built on a process production for a redundant ad campaign, with a dedicated streamline process. With the client’s needs – based on several brands identities – I needed to cope with many briefing. I enlarged my capacity to be responsive and relevant with my creative proposals.

Web Project Management

My daily co-working with the Project Management Unit was a great opportunity to built a solid background with questions recurrently raised by Sells Department. Now, I’m able to identify and anticipate their needs.

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© François Soulignac / M6 Web (M6 Group). M6 Web Engineering MMI Report (extract) | Master of Arts (M.A.) Design, Media, Technology – Sorbonne University Paris 1, 2008

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