SAGB Shanghai, Super Attractive Ghetto Blaster | Party Tapes, China

SAGB Shanghai - Super Attractive Ghetto Blaster - China

The Cut Bar Rouge CdS Unico Kartel Super Attractive Ghetto Blaster aka SAGB Shanghai is a French creative collective born in Shanghai in 2014. Playing DJ, organizing parties and creating original content, they initiated the most famous alternative afterwork party Continue reading

Shanghai Micro Stories, Mobile Phone Videos (2017-2019)

Shanghai Micro Stories | Mobile Phone Videos, China

2017 2018 2019 The mobility as creative constraint In Paris during my childhood, I bought one of the first tiny digital camera available on the mass market, the Fujifilm MX-1700, producing a few weeks later my first series of video-diary, Continue reading

DJ Cut Killer Bar Rouge Shanghai, China | Official Video Teaser

Francois Soulignac - DJ Cut Killer Bar Rouge Shanghai China - Official Video Teaser, China, 2016

DJ Cut Killer x Bar Rouge Shanghai. Video editing by François Soulignac, VOL Group China, 2016 Copyrights audio & video content “La Haine” Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz (1995) Cut Killer Official website ( Cut Killer Boiler Room Paris DJ Set, Continue reading

Shanghai Walks, City Exploration, Atmosphere from China (2016)

Shanghai Walks - Videos by François Soulignac - Soic Miterne

Shanghai Walks – Yong Kang Road Lane House, Mingyuan City, April 2016 Have a walk in Shanghai Influenced by the video game and virtual reality aesthetics, “Shanghai Walks” is a city exploration by first-person video travelling. A series of short Continue reading