SAGB Shanghai – Super Attractive Ghetto Blaster China – Video Party Tapes

SAGB Shanghai - Super Attractive Ghetto Blaster - China

The Cut Bar Rouge CdS Unico Kartel Super Attractive Ghetto Blaster aka SAGB Shanghai is a French creative collective born in Shanghai in 2014. Playing DJ, organizing parties and creating original content, they initiated the most famous alternative afterwork party Continue reading

Shanghai Micro Stories | Mobile Phone Videos

Shanghai Micro Stories | Mobile Phone Videos, China

2017 2018 2019 The mobility as creative constraint In Paris during my childhood, I bought one of the first tiny digital camera available on the mass market, the Fujifilm MX-1700, producing a few weeks later my first series of video-diary Continue reading

DJ Cut Killer Bar Rouge Shanghai, China | Official Video Teaser

Francois Soulignac - DJ Cut Killer Bar Rouge Shanghai China - Official Video Teaser, China, 2016

DJ Cut Killer x Bar Rouge Shanghai. Video editing by François Soulignac, VOL Group China, 2016 Copyrights audio & video content “La Haine” Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz (1995) Cut Killer Official website ( Cut Killer Boiler Room Paris DJ Set, Continue reading

Shanghai Walks | City Exploration – Atmosphere from China

Shanghai Walks - Videos by François Soulignac - Soic Miterne

Shanghai Walks – Yong Kang Road Lane House, Mingyuan City, April 2016 Have a walk in Shanghai Influenced by the video game and virtual reality aesthetics, “Shanghai Walks” is a city exploration by first-person video travelling. A series of short Continue reading