Website for acting workshops : Training Meisner Paris™

Website for acting workshops : Training Meisner Paris
Training Meisner Paris™ is a training workshop located in Paris, based on the American acting method named “Meisner technique” (Wikipedia) invented by Sanford Meisner. These workshops are supported once a week by two actors trained in Paris & New York.


Client : Training Meisner Paris™
Project : Website for acting workshops
Type of services : Brand identity, Graphic design, Webdesign
Type of products : Website, Social networks communication

Client needs

The client needed a professional website to introduce workshops in details : method history, staff introduction, schedules of workshops, news, booking form, testimonial. In addition, the client needed a basic social media strategy.

The big picture

The acting workshop activity is in big competition, especially for a cultural city as Paris. So we needed to be smart and original to catch audience and make the difference. We built a strong corporate image supported by “institutional” shapes, mixed with a mysterious and subliminal funny details. Why “funny” ? Because the Meisner technique is a very serious method of acting but including funny processes of repetition. It was important to keep these aspects on the digital brand image.

Cope with competition

In addition with this creative approach, we needed to take the SEO seriously (Search Engine Optimization), because several schools, institutions and freelancers are already providing this type of teaching class in Paris. To have a chance to be displayed on the first page of Google Search Results, we built up up a strong organic SEO base on the website information architecture and content. Two weeks only after the launching of the website, in results of a specific SEO strategy, was on the first page on Google Results, with relevant keywords (ateliers, entraînement, Technique Meisner à Paris).

Provided services

User Interface, WordPress and CSS customization, SEO optimization, Content copyrighting & Graphic design (logotype by Olivier Kimyon). In addition, WordPress introduction and ways for best practices in social networks communication have been provided. Now, the client is able to modify, update and improve the platform on his own.

© 2014 François Soulignac & Olivier Kimyon. Website for acting workshops : Training Meisner Paris™.

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