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Bouchété is a meat-slicing game (Fruit Ninja-like) created to communicate the big sales operation named ”La grande Boucherie” (“The big Butchery”). It’s a trash-game, inspired by the Grindhouse movie ”Machete”, from Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis.

Context | Facts and figures

Client :
Agency : Mediagong | Leo Burnett
Project : Bouchété – La Grande Boucherie (call for tender captured)
Budget : up to 10k€
Type of product : Advergame, Game free-to-play, Customer Recruitment
Medium : Social platform (Facebook), Newsletters, Ads campaign
: Mainstream, Casual gamers

Client’s needs

The first goal was to support the discount event named “La Grande Boucherie” (ad campain assisted by a viral video). The second goal was to recruite new customers and increase the mailing list database.

My intervention / Skills developed


On this project, I was the art director responsible for call for tender proposal, final product design (co working with a copywriter) and production. I had to solve several challenges  :

  • Catch the client (capture the call for tender).
  • Create a simple and addictive game, mainstream-oriented.
  • Follow-up the technical production (animation & frame-rate quality).
  • Cope with a short deadline and a very low-budget.

Micro-game design

Conception brainstorming (team working with a copyrighter). This step included univers definition, rules, challenge, mechanics, level-design, functional guidelines.

Art direction

Sketchs, trends definition, interface designing, declinations and final product quality.

© Mediagong Leo Burnett/Cdiscount – Jeu Free-to-play « Bouchété ». Co-conception et direction artistique : François Soulignac, 2012. Game Free-to-play « Bouchété ». Co-design and Art Direction : François Soulignac, 2012

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