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Francois Soulignac - Shanghai Micro Stories | Mobile Phone Videos, China

The mobility as creative constraint

In Paris during my childhood, I bought one of the first tiny digital camera available on the mass market, the Fujifilm MX-1700, producing a few weeks later my first series of video-diary (video archives). Many years later, once living in Shanghai, energized by a mobile-first-oriented country, I decided to produce my video-chronicles in a brand-new way: by shooting and editing directly with my mobile phone. No additional lighting or lens, no more transfer or editing process on a laptop. This constraint was an opportunity to develop a new visual language and expressions by taking shortcuts in the creative process; editing anytime-anywhere, in the taxi or in the plane, sometimes even within seconds after the shooting. These little videos don’t pretend to be perfect, they are just snap memories of our days in the Hai. All videos have been shot and edited with a 小米 Xiaomi phone and third-party apps, in Shanghai in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

2017 | Shanghai

Part 1 | The Beginning

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