Digital strategy for restaurant | Brand Content (Food Pictures)

“Brocco Siffredi”. Pinterest

“Fresh Fresh Food”. Pinterest

“PornCorn”. Pinterest

“God Save The Green”. Pinterest

French organic tomatoes. Pinterest

French organic Turnips. Pinterest

French organic Mushrooms. Pinterest

“Bed of Lasagna”. Pinterest

“Rainblow Carrots”. Pinterest

“Orgy of Oranges”. Pinterest

“Huge piece of Bread”. Pinterest

“Red Kuri Squash Coaxing”. Pinterest

“Red Kuri Squash Coaxing”. Pinterest

“Threesome Pancakes”. Pinterest

“God Save The Green”. Pinterest

Huge trees and little bridge. Pinterest

Beautiful terrace view. Pinterest

Panoramic terrace view. Pinterest

The Big Picture

Included on the social content strategy, the Pinterest page of Le Saint-Hubert is dedicated to food pictures. The core goal of this new brand content is to reach new audiences (core targets : food pictures lovers, Foodistas) and to increase the web traffic on the showcase. A selection of pictures is relayed on the showcase via this dedicated page. This new brand content design – fully relevant with the company activity – is a great opportunity to extend the brand identity through a new universe of graphic design.

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© François Soulignac / Le Saint-Hubert – Brand content (Food pictures) | Graphic design & Food photography : François Soulignac, 2014.

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