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“ESSEC Business School Apprentissage” is a website introducing all classes and trainings supported by the Apprenticeship department of ESSEC Business School. In addition, users can watch interviews of former students and consult all documents related to the apprenticeship.

Context | Facts & Figures

Client : ESSEC Business School (Paris)
Agency : Mediagong | Leo Burnett
Project : Apprenticeship website (work in progress)
Type of product : Educational & Institutional platform
Users : Students, Teachers, Investors


Three positions worked on this project : Associate Director (Sales Department), Project Manager & Art Director. Solved problems : the challenge has been to optimize and prioritize the visibility of content and to adapt the User Interface for two kind of users (Students/teachers & Investors).

My intervention / Skills developed

Art Direction & Information Architecture. I was responsible for the Information Architecture (co-working with Project Manager & Associate Director), Graphics definition, User Interface Design and declination of all index pages.

© Mediagong Leo Burnett for ESSEC Business School (Paris) – Apprenticeship Website. Art Direction & Declinations : François Soulignac, 2012.

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