Virtual Tourism in Boston | Urban exploration in Fallout 4

Virtual Tourism in Boston, Urban exploration in Fallout 4 - Vintage Postcard, Virtual worlds, In-game photography, François Soulignac

Screenshots Photographs Details Gallery “Virtual Tourism in Boston” is an urban exploration in the video game Fallout 4, part of the photo series Virtual Tourism. An urban exploration (often shortened as UE, urbex and sometimes known as roof-and-tunnel hacking) is Continue reading

Virtual Tourism in Province of Skyrim

© Bethesda game studios - Francois Soulignac - Virtual tourism - Province de Bordeciel (Skyrim)

2011 : The power of art critic In September 2011, I discovered a press article from the French journalist Erwan Cario, about Iain Andrews‘s work. Before that, the concept of videogame photography was not clear in my mind, and publishing Continue reading

Virtual Tourism in Washington D.C., 2277

©Francois Soulignac - Videogame photography - Fallout 3

2008 : Fallout 3. Second shock. My first experience in an open world RPG. First real contemplative gaming experience. Wide landscapes, variable atmospheric effects. A so beautiful universe – perfect mix between art and technology, I had to take the Continue reading