Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai, Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet | Creative & Art Direction

Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai, François Soulignac, Art Direction, Design, Visual Identity, VOL Group China

Last update : 2017/01/05 Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai, Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet is a modern French restaurant, on the sixth floor of Bund 18, a heritage building on Shanghai’s historic waterfront. The eatery, conceived by Chef Paul Pairet, Continue reading

Bar Rouge Shanghai | Creative & Art Direction

Bar Rouge Shanghai China, Francois Soulignac, Art Creative Direction

Last update : 2019/12/16 Bar Rouge Shanghai is the oldest night club in Shanghai and one of the most famous night club based in China, awarded by the World’s Finest Club. Context The following introduction presents a work selection achieved Continue reading

Shanghai Walks | China Atmosphere

Last update : 2017/03/27 Shanghai Walks – Yong Kang Lu Lane House, Mingyuan City, April 2016 Walk with me in Shanghai Influenced by the video game and virtual reality aesthetics, “Shanghai Walks” is a city exploration by first-person video travelling. Continue reading